Monday, December 7, 2015

Ghostbusters? Yes, we are still teenage boys ;P. The REAL Christmas. More pics.

Hi everyone!

So. First off.

Everything you've ever heard about the Canadian accent is true.

We have this member who we go to visit who lives about a half hour away. He only speaks English. And he seriously sounds EXACTLY like the hedgehog father from Over The Hedge. Not even joking. It's insane. I have perfected my Canadian accent because of him. It's hilarious and I love it. Here are some statements he uses often.

"No way, there, eh?"
"That's crazy, there!"
"Yeah I went on up to Yellowknife, there!"
"How you doin' there, eh?"

But it's also funny cause we teach with a French-English member who has REALLY good English but isn't perfect at it, and the English member we're teaching uses some big words that aren't exactly common. Like, the other day he threw out, "Yeah, that's an interesting juxtaposition, there!" The French-English member turned to us with an EXTREMELY confused look on his face and mouthed, "juxtaposition?" Elder Gutierrez and I almost exploded trying to hold back from laughing. It was great. Partly because neither of us remembered what that word meant either. We're both losing our English.

In the same lesson but on a completely unrelated note, the French-English member said at one point, "What are you going to do? Who are you going to call?" And Elder Gutierrez looked at me and mouthed, "Ghostbusters."

I lost it. It was the worst. Both members just looked at us while we tried to get ourselves back under control. I swear, we're not always like this. Normally we're very mature and controlled and dignified in lessons. But that night we were both just super weird. Any normal human being would not find these things funny. But sometimes we are so in need of humor that we will laugh at anything. It's sad, actually. :P

My companion asked me the other day, "Are you excited for Christmas?" And I thought about it. I really wasn't sure. I started thinking about Christmas a lot; how I'll be missing my family for the holidays and it'll be pretty tough not to be homesick. But after a little while, my thoughts shifted to the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe this is overstated, but I suppose that justifies its truthfulness.

Christmas is a time to renew our remembrance of He who never forgets us.

Two thousand years ago, the Son of God walked the Earth, healing the sick, raising the dead, lifting the broken, and teaching the humble. The recently published video by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, A Savior Is Born, has two main lines that stick out.

A Savior Is Born... Discover Why.

Why was He born? The simple answer is for us.

He was born for us.

He lived for us.

He set an example for us.

He bled for us.

He died for us.

And He rose again, a resurrected and immortal Being, for us.

He is our Savior. He is our Lord, our Redeemer, and our Friend. He spent His entire life in the service of others. Because He lives, we can live. He gave everything so we could have the chance to gain everything. And we are His whole world. He will never leave any of us alone, no matter how far we may be from Him. So during this season, let us set the bar higher for ourselves. Let us show by thought, word and deed that we remember Jesus The Christ, who never forgets us.

I KNOW that our Redeemer lives.

En avant.

Elder Bryan McOmber
No, Mom. You are not hallucinating. I am, in fact, doing the dishes. Of my own free will and choice. I know; I will make a good husband someday. ;)
 We eat well here. We made Tahitian chicken with rice and... chocolate chip cookies. A full, well balanced meal. :P

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