Monday, September 26, 2016

Obedience to God's commandments brings us JOY! He ALWAYS keeps his I'm doing my best to keep mine.

Hey guys! :)

Good week. The temperature has dropped a ways and I happen to love it. Not sure how excited I am for the snow, though... we`ll see how that goes. :)

I had some fun exchanges this week with Elder Tallon, a missionary from England. He and his companion live in downtown Montréal, so the view from their apartment is pretty sweet. I went out and sat on the balcony for breakfast. It was sweet.

Still getting used to the métros. What is nice is that even in the middle of winter, the métros are supposed to be pretty warm. So that`s exciting. :)

Funny thing this week... eh, honestly, it wasn`t necessarily a super funny week­. A lot of walking and some meetings, and some great insights from zone training meeting, but I guess I haven`t really been too funny this week. I suppose I`ll try next week. :P

I am SUPER excited for General Conference this weekend! It`s so amazing to me how every time I have watched General Conference with a question or a few questions in mind, I have been able to get all my answers. What a great testimony to the fact that we have a prophet and apostles today! :)

The biggest thing I wanted to talk about this week is obedience. (I`ve talked about this a lot, I know) But I realized this week that sometimes (a lot of the time), obedience isn`t really the first thing we want to do. Sometimes as a missionary I wake up and I just do not want to talk to people. And sometimes I really don`t want to go out that day and walk all over the island trying to find our next lesson. Honestly, sometimes missionary work just isn`t what I want to do that day. It can be hard and discouraging and cold and difficult. But I`ve come to realize something important.

Obedience doesn`t have to be easy or fun. But obedience will lead to the greatest joy and contentment we can possibly find. Why? Because we are not given commandments to punish or belittle us; we are given them to fulfill Heavenly Father`s purpose "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Both for us, and for those around us, our Heavenly Father gives us commandments, because He wants us to be happy! That`s why! That`s the whole reason! He has no hidden agenda, no selfish desires. Making us happy is what makes Him happy! No wonder He asks us to lose ourselves in service; that`s what He does every day, and He loves it, and He knows that we will love it too.

I promised when I chose to be baptized that I would take the name of Christ on myself. This became literal when I became an official missionary for His Church. But I`ve come to realize that this promise can be applied in everything I do as a missionary. So when I wake up and I don`t want to get out of bed; when I don`t want to talk to that scary guy on the metro; when I don`t feel particularly inclined to try and stop that woman walking by in the street, I remember that I made a promise, one that I renew each week. And I remember that as we strive to be obedient, we are promised countless blessings.

He will keep His end of the promise.

And I will keep mine.

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

Big cities are scary...

Hey look! A Hilton! :P