Monday, September 12, 2016

Really REALLY short haircut! Just ALWAYS gets better. Pics!

Hey guys!

So it's been a fun week.

We've avoided getting too lost on the metros and buses this week. It was a struggle, but we survived! :) Montreal is kinda crazy. Take that back - it's super crazy. There are people EVERYWHERE! It's awesome! It's also kind of terrifying because I get slightly claustrophobic in big cities... but ca va! :)

Funny story from last P-day. I'll start off with a fun little life lesson: if you need a haircut and you have less than an hour left before you have to be out the door, make sure you check and see if the home hair cutting device you have in your apartment works correctly and has all of the numbered guards. How do I know this, you ask? Well. Because I ended up going through this past week with a rather short haircut. :P I started cutting my hair myself and then realized that the razor guards weren't numbered like they normally are... so I just kind of guessed. But it was also missing a bunch of guards and so the only ones that were there were basically "short," "super short," and "incredibly short," and then "super super long." The razor also seemed to have a screw loose somewhere and it started going crazy every thirty seconds after I'd already started on my hair, so I had to keep using a psychotic razor to finish. It was hilarious. XD So... I got some funny looks that first day. :P But since my hair grows somewhat quickly, it looks fine now. But it was a fun experience! :) And luckily my comp was willing to help me. :)

We also had a funny experience when this woman was walking past us and talking really loud to herself. We kind of both just kept watching her as she walked by, and we weren't saying anything. Then about 20 feet away she turned her head a little bit and I saw what was in her ear, and both Elder Aulner and I immediately said, "Oh. Bluetooth." It was funny because we realized we both just assumed that poor woman was just kind of crazy. :P

Anyways, my comments for this week are gonna be short and to the point.

It always gets better! :)

While there will always be some days when life seems dreary and there only seems to be one problem after another, and sometimes nobody seems to really care and nobody seems to want to talk to you, I promise that the relief will come, and sooner than you think! Just hold on! Don't give up! Keep giving your all! When I played sports back home, I remember my dad would tell me, "When you get on that field, you need to empty the tank. If you come out and you've still got gas left, you didn't achieve all that you could have." I can't say I've always lived that, but I can say that it is true! When there's 10 minutes left and we're one goal behind, and we're exhausted and just can't seem to take another step, we can't give up! We can't just stop giving, because we're not here to be comfortable, we're here to get stronger. So put your shoulder to the wheel one more time. I promise that the peak is not so far away. I promise that the journey will be worth the price. And we will win, as long as we direct that energy and that drive as our Captain asks us to. I know it! :)

I love and miss all of you! Keep working hard! :)

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

​Sister Phillips, President Phillips, Elder Aulner, Elder Cucumber

The Olympic stadium. We got off the metro the other day and realized this was super close to that metro stop! 

My wonderful son. :) (mission lingo)

My regular chair was covered in hair that night so I had to use the exercise bike while planning... that was fun. :)

Daniel Bolduc. This guy is so cool! :) He's a member here in Hochelaga.

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