Monday, November 30, 2015

First Time Driving In Snow, & A Canine Terrorist! More Pics (tour of Bryan's apartment)

Hi everyone!

So, it snowed! Saturday and Sunday we received a couple inches of snow and it's very lovely.

Until you get into a vehicle and attempt to drive it.

I've never really driven in snow before. I've been a passenger... but never the driver. Until Sunday. I seriously thought we were going to die. We actually almost slid into the curb going to church. My companion is in a constant state of fear due to my rookie snow driving skills. We're putting snow tires on the car ASAP. Pray for us. Also, pray for the man we saw walking on the snow who slipped on a patch of ice and fell... hard. It looked like Mr. Myagi had karate-chopped his legs out from under him. It was bad. We turned around to go help him but someone else already had and he looked thoroughly embarrassed enough so we decided we'd let him be. But... yeah. Snow is evil sometimes.

Slightly morbid funny moment. We have an investigator, Mirlandi, who has a younger brother, Jean. They also have a small, incredibly annoying dog which I have felt the very un-Christlike desire to kick multiple times (I have not actually acted on the thought... yet. Just kidding. I'm a nice person. I promise.). The dog has a brother as well, which lives with a different family. Well, we were talking to Mirlandi on the street. Or rather, Elder Gutierrez was talking to her. I wasn't paying attention because I was trying to keep the stupid dog from biting my ankles. I was within a couple seconds of dropping my bag on the canine terrorist when Elder Gutierrez said very non-chalantly, "Hey Elder McOmber! The brother died."

At the time, I did not know the dog had a brother. I just knew Mirlandi had a brother. So I stopped everthing (I believe I was in midair above the dog, trying to jump away from it) and said, "What?" Apparently my face was priceless.

"You know? The dog's brother?"

Dang it Elder Gutierrez. Of course I wouldn't know the dog had a brother! I don't know Spanish yet! Sheesh! He had a good laugh at me. Not sure how the dog's brother died either. Interesting experience.

I want to talk today shortly about how members of the church give advice to and correct missionaries. I want to make something clear, being a missionary myself. Yes. The missionaries in your ward do appreciate your advice, and we do love you dearly. We come on missions for two years to serve and help you. But. One thing needs to be made very clear; we answer to the Lord, not to the members. If the advice or correction given by the members goes against what we are explicitly told to do in our Missionary Manual, in the Preach My Gospel manual, or by our mission president, no obedient missionary will listen, because in those situations, the member is WRONG. Our mission presidents hold the keys to correct and counsel us on how to do this work, and no amount of logic or reasoning will override their inspired counsel and direction, nor that of the manuals approved and supported by the prophet and apostles of God. This is the Lord's work, and He will have His missionaries do it His way. We love you, and we love your support and advice; but please be sure that it is in line with the words of the prophet, the apostles, and our mission president before asking a missionary to go against what he or she has been called by a prophet of God through a mission president to do.

I love and miss every one of you. I pray for you always and I love receiving updates on your lives through letters and emails. Keep them coming! :)

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber
My beautiful desk. Thank you. I know it's amazing.
 Our office. We have a lovely apartment.
 2000 pieces and 1 month later, I have completed this puzzle. It madeth mealtimes much more entertaining. Methinks I shall frame it and hang it on the ceiling above my bed. (I kiddeth. I shall not.)
 This is our kitchen. Yes, the sink is full of dishes. We're two elders. Washing dishes prevents us from doing more productive things, like eating. And anything else.
 This is our living room. The couch is less comfortable than the jaws of a tiger shark. I love it. Oh. And WE HAVE A TV! :)

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