Monday, November 23, 2015

Car Wash or Elder Wash? Christmas Excitement. Being Humble. Pics!

Hey everyone!

So, interesting week. We had a pretty good amount of rain come down; still no snow as of yet. It's gradually getting colder... I get the feeling of approaching a cliff, after which the temperatures will plunge to glacier cold. It'll be lovely.

Super fun times. We have an AWESOME investigator named Tara who is SUPER humble and wants to change her life. She's got a lot going on in her life and very little of it is good; after we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her, she asked us how she could be happy here in this life. We explained the importance of keeping the commandments to be truly happy, and she decided she wants to be baptized. So excited for her. She's the best. :)

Funny moment... hmm. I suppose there's two. First, we had to wash our car this past week. But... we don't have a hose and we're two lazy to go buy one. (That's elders for you.) So... we filled a bucket of water from the water spout. Didn't have car soap... so we used dish soap and some old windshield wiper fluid we found in a closet somewhere. Yeah. We're dumb. We admit it. But it was fun. Then we realized we had nothing to soap the car down with but some mops. So... we used two mops to clean the car. We looked very foolish. I would've taken a picture, but I would like to keep some dignity. XD Elder Gutierrez tried to rinse off the car with a bucket full of clean water, but he was standing too close to the car and he SOAKED himself. Hilarious.

Second, we were driving through the town to a lesson. For some reason, we were talking about marriage or something similar. Don't judge. It was a good conversation. Anyways, we saw a Christmas tree in a store window. I love Christmas, and every time I see a Christmas tree, I yell, "CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!" Every time. It's lovely. But when I did that this time, Elder Gutierrez said, "I would never marry you."

Dead silence. For a solid 5 seconds.

Then we DIED laughing. Greatest thing ever. It was hilarious. He didn't want me to write home about that; he kept saying, "That's not what I meant!!!" Nobody tell him ;)

I want to talk today about humility. The toughest people to teach here are those who refuse to pray to know the truth of what is being taught. The promise from Christ is that if we ask, we will receive; if we seek, we will find; if we knock, the door to knowledge will be opened for us. Humility comes from the recognition that no human being is perfect, and we are our own source of light and truth. The only way to truly understand whether or not something is true is to pray to our Heavenly Father and ask Him; and we know that through the feelings that come through the Holy Ghost when we pray, we can know the truth of ALL things. But the prayer must be in faith, meaning that we are willing to act on the answer! If the Lord tells us that the Book of Mormon is true, but we make excuses to ignore its commandments, why would He answer our other questions? Every question must come in humility. It's incredibly important.

I love you all and pray for you often! Stay safe, stay strong, and never give up! I feel your love and prayers! Miss you all!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

Ah the joy of that last half hour before bed. :P Good times.

This flew overhead the other day. Looks fun!

Elder Gutierrez et moi!

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