Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A beautiful Christmas.🎄 Freezing rain🌧 makes for some unplanned ice skating!⛸ Goals & priorities.

Hey guys! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did. :)

We had some fun. We got the chance to eat with several different families during the Christmas weekend, which was an awesome experience. I just love these people so much. And then I got to call my family and talk with them face to face (by Skype... same thing! :P) for the first time since May! That was my favorite gift. :)

Elder Colunga and I also made some very good food this past week. Pork burgers, sweet and sour stir fry... maybe all is not lost in my chances of surviving college! :P

We had a crazy day yesterday (Monday). No idea if any of you have experienced freezing rain in the past.... I had not until I came here to Canada. Well, yesterday the temperature rose just enough for the snow to turn to rain; then it froze as soon as it hit the ground. Elder Colunga and I live on a street that goes downhill; therefore, when we walked out in the evening to go to a dinner, we ended up ice skating down to the metro station... and then to all of our appointments that evening. I am pleased to report that neither of us fell once (albeit we had more than a few close calls, one of which may have involved a very large truck almost running my companion over as he jumped onto the curb). But we had a great time laughing and sliding our way around the city. Somehow we actually made it on time to pretty much all of our appointments! :) (this is proof that I am no longer the same person as when I left!)

Well, New Year's approaches. I love New Year's because it gives me another excuse to have a fresh start, make some resolutions to be better, and then keep them (which is always the hardest part). I know all of you will be thinking of some resolutions this week (if not, you probably should). :) I think my own will have to do with priorities. I find that I become the most stressed when my priorities are not clearly defined. If you know me well at all, you'll know that I am probably one of the most organized people on the planet (behind my mother :P). I have some moments when I can get pretty stressed out and that's when I go into anti-stress-organizing mode. Thus, my room stayed pretty clean most of the time. :P But I think a great way to set some New Year's resolutions is to make a list of priorities. What is most important to you? How will you show that?

I encourage each of you to make the gospel of Jesus Christ your top priority. This comes down to two questions, or rather, commandments that I will phrase as questions, which I will have as my top priorities this next year.

1. How can I love the Lord with more of my heart, might, mind, and strength?

2. How can I gain and show greater love for each of those who surround me?

I encourage each of you to try to find how to apply these two commandments specifically in your life in two or three ways this next week. Set goals and strive to meet them; that's how growth happens! :)

I love and miss all of you!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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