Monday, November 28, 2016

Miracles. Running into people from home! Singing on the Metro. When everything crumbles, lean on the Savior. Pics!

Hey guys!

It was a good week. :) For starters, I was able to open up my Christmas package (thanks to my wonderful family! :) :) :)) and then we just had some really cool miracles throughout the week.

Oh! And I have a new companion! His name is Elder Colunga and he is from West Valley, Utah. He speaks Spanish, which makes my third companion who is fluent in Spanish. Crazy, right? :)

Also... super crazy moment in district meeting. We were talking with the sisters serving in the YSA branch. One of them just arrived in the mission this past week; her name is Sister Davis. In the course of the conversation, it came up that I had lived in Houston, Texas for around 7 years. 

Sister Davis: "Wait. Where in Houston?"
Me: "Pearland." 
Sister Davis: "No. Way. Do you remember the Davis family?"
Me: "Holy cow. Wait a second. Are you Lauren Davis?!?!?!?!"
Sister Davis: "I knew you looked familiar!!"
Me: "Whaaaaaaaaaatttt?!?"

So like... yeah! Turns out, Sister Davis and I actually were in the same ward for like 5 or 6 years when I lived there! It was super crazy! Small world! :)

Another funny experience. I was with Elder Colunga and we were heading home for the night. We had gotten off of the bus and we were walking back when we passed these two guys who are often just hanging out around the metro. I know most of their names by now, so I started talking to them and we asked them if we could do anything for them. They asked for some money, which we didn't have, but we asked if there was anything else we could do. To which one of them said, "Sing us a song." So... we sang "Aimez Vos Frères," one of the only hymns in French that I know by heart. (It's "Love One Another" in English) They loved it! It was a great way to end the night. :)

My first invitation for all of you is this: starting the 1st of December, all of you should go to
 and start #lighttheworld. In 25 ways, over 25 days, each one of us can find a way to light the world, as the Savior did and does. You can go and watch the video right now at

I had a really cool experience last night in which I was able to converse with someone who really... gets it. This man is from Haiti and he was there when the earthquake hit some years ago. His office building crumbled around him and many of his colleagues died in the destruction. He spent 24 hours buried under rubble, not knowing whether or not his son and his wife, pregnant with his second son, were still okay (thankfully, they were alright). He was pulled out the next day and over the next few months had to have one of his feet amputated to stop an infection.

He sat in front of me and thanked the Lord for his blessings. I have never seen this man frown. He is always incredibly full of joy. Being around him makes me happy. I love this man. And he has gone through so many different trials. So I asked him, "How do you stay so happy? I would think you're not dealing with any problems at all." And he said, "I decided, long before any of these things happened, how I would react in trials. I learned to remember that all that I have comes from God, and that nothing I have is truly mine - except my will. I could lose all of it, my family, my home, my job, my life... but I can decide how I react. And I choose to lean on the Savior. He has made me promises and I know He will keep them and in the end it will all be for my good. When everything else crumbles, I lean on the Savior."

That is my second invitation for you all. That is what I have committed to be better at this week.

When everything else crumbles, lean on the Savior.

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

Last picture with Elder Aulner. :(

First picture with Elder Colunga! :)

Sister Davis! (So... I had just jumped into this photo when it was taken... thus my weird pose and my bag is in there....)

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