Monday, August 8, 2016

If you speak French, you MUST speak Nepali...right? Hang onto family with everything you've got!

Hello everyone! :)

It's been a pretty interesting week.

First off, did you know that Elder Canovas and Elder Obering are insanely good at foosball? They wrecked us like three times in a row this morning. The last game was pretty close though.

We had some fun teaching appointments this week. It was super cool; our mission president came up to Quebec with his wife and they went on splits with all the four teams in Quebec for the day! It was super fun! :) We got to drive to a few appointments with President and the whole time we just peppered him with doctrinal questions and talked about all the things he'd learned and it was just awesome!

We've started teaching a young man from Nepali. His family speaks almost no French, and he speaks pretty good English. We spoke with him for about a half hour while his parents just sat in the room with big smiles on their faces. They understood probably none of what we were saying, but they were so nice and kind all the same! At the end, the young man asked us if we could say the prayer in Nepali. When we responded that we don't know Nepali, he said, "Of course you do! You're missionaries! You know many languages!" Now, I don't know about any of the other missionaries or returned missionaries reading this, but I know I still struggle to know English, let alone French. No idea how I'm gonna make Nepali work in there, but sounds like he wants us to learn it. :P Namastay!

Also, shout out to Colton! Happy birthday man! :)

I've been wondering about some different things this week. Kind of all over the place. But I suppose the one thing I could say this week would be this:

Love your family with everything you've got. No matter what they do, no matter what they've done. Family is precious. We taught a couple last night who are always fighting. They have a lot of problems in their lives and a lot of things they're working on. We were sitting in their living room with both of them and the wife looked me in the eyes and said, "I want to overcome my addictions so I can go to the temple before my husband. I don't want to go there with him because he would just annoy me. He's never going to stop drinking or smoking anyways." I looked over at her husband and he just looked really sad and said, "I'm not going to comment on that." I've been working with this couple for a while, and they both have a lot to work on. I've watched them start to make progress and then fall again and start to make progress and fall again, over and over and over again. And listening to them go back and forth last night, finally I was done watching them fight. What we said to them, I say to all of you who are annoyed or fighting with any members of your family. To all of you who harbor grudges or who feel that there is no hope.

QUIT IT. Let it go. If you find yourself feeling it is excusable to hold a grudge for wrongdoing, that it is allowable or permitted to give up on the blessing of an eternal family because of failure or mistakes or hurtful words, understand very clearly that this is an open and straightforward denial of the incredible Atonement of Jesus Christ. If they were important enough to Him that He bled and died for them, they had better the heck be important enough to you! I am sick of seeing hurt and broken families because the pride of one foolish individual did not permit him or her to forgive and move on. We're imperfect. We make mistakes. But love is both a decision and a gift. When we decide to do everything we can to love someone, it is then that the precious gift of Christlike love, charity, enters our lives and allows us to conquer hate and envy and every other hurtful and prideful emotion.

I love all of you!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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