Monday, August 1, 2016

Elder Micombah!! Prayer...He ALWAYS answers.

Hey guys! :)

So it`s been an awesome week! :)

We had a super cool experience yesterday. There was a young man who Elder Boscan and I taught often in Victoriaville named Merville. We got along really well and we had a lot of fun together; he's a super cool kid. After a while, we stopped visiting him, but we would still see him around and say hi. Yesterday, Elder Blackwelder and I were dropping by an investigator in an area where I really haven't spent too much time. We talked with the investigator for a while and then decided to take a walk around the area and talk to some people, and see if we could drop by another potential investigator we'd found in the area. On our way back a half hour later, this car drove by us, then stopped about 20 yards ahead of us. This African kid got out of the car and started walking our way with a big smile on his face. That's when I heard, "Elder Micombah!!" It was Merville!!!! He'd moved up here to Quebec and just happened to be driving by with his dad and saw me and came to say hi! We got his address and we'll be stopping by to see their family sometime this week. :) But it was super cool; I couldn't believe it!

The topic that has been on my mind this past week has been prayer. I've spent a lot of time in my mission trying to figure out how to really pray; I have often struggled with getting distracted, not really knowing what to say, feeling like my prayers are too repetitive, etc. So I've been studying prayer for a while now, and I've learned some pretty important points.

1) Prayer is an actual conversation with a loving Heavenly Father. It is not a route memorization of words to be said every morning and night, like we're checking in and out of work. Our Father wants us to TALK to Him, to tell Him about our lives and to let Him know how we're feeling, what worries us, what makes us happy, what happened during the day, etc. Everything we would want to tell to our closest Friend who knows us perfectly. He wants to know; I promise!

2) Prayer is an opportunity to focus on others. There are blessings our Father in Heaven holds in reserve, for us and those we know, until we ask for them. He does this in order to help us grow our faith. One of the greatest services we can give to those whom we know is to pray for them; but more than a simple "please bless Dave." Asking for specific blessings for specific people is one of the greatest opportunities we are given to serve our fellow men. Prayer is an opportunity to approach our Heavenly Father and explain to Him what we and others are struggling with and ask for specific help from Him.

3) Prayer is THE way to receive answers to our questions and to know the truth of any message. If we desire to know whether or not any principle is true, the most important aspect to finding out is not human logic, but prayer in faith. Yes, this requires prior study and a true desire to learn. But without the question being asked in humble prayer, it is incredibly more difficult if not impossible to receive an answer to any spiritual truth-seeking question. And the answers that we receive will come recognizably to both our minds and our hearts.

4) This is the most important. Heavenly Father answers all of our humble prayers. Sometimes immediately and sometimes later, but if we ask Him for something and are willing to accept whatever His answer may be, He will answer. This is a precious truth that I have come to know for myself. Prayer is powerful, and He does listen and He will answer. I know it! :)

I love each one of you! You're amazing and your letters and support mean so much to me. Thank you for everything you all do! :)

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

View from this town called Boischatel to the east of Quebec! Cool place! :)

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