Monday, September 7, 2015


Hello everyone!

Well. Victoriaville is officially my favorite place ever ever ever.

For starters, there's some seriously cool French people here! Like the Becquereau's. They're this French family (both the mom and the dad are from France) in our branch, and yesterday they had us over for dinner. The dish was called "raclette;" basically, there's a special grill sort of thing that you cook meats on top of while you melt cheese underneath, and then you put everything on top of potatoes and eat it and then you die because it tastes so good. It's apparently a very French/Swiss dish. So... I happened to enjoy that very much.

We have had the same awesome experience on two different occasions this week. First, a young girl named Valentina came running up to us as we were teaching Merville by the side of the road. She's about 8 years old, I'd say, and she tugged on my comp's shirt and said, "Hey! Come teach my family! We need you guys!" So we went and visited them and they told us we could come back and share a lesson this week! And then a few days later, we were talking to some kids on their balcony from the street and they said, "Come teach our family! Mom, can the missionaries come? Alright guys, come on up!" So we came up and knocked and the mom said we could come back today and teach a lesson! I'm super excited! These kids are hilarious! Elder Boscan and I couldn't stop laughing at the way they wanted us to come and teach them. It was so cool!

This week has been full of miracles. Too many to attempt to explain in detail. People have forgiven each other of grudges, several families have invited us (of their own accord!) to come and teach them, others have simply passed by and asked if they could come to church with us. It's been very easy to see the hand of God visible here in Victo. I love this place. But the greatest miracle this week has been in my own life. I'm not going to lie... everybody always said "You'll love your mission!" but up until this past week... I wasn't so sure. I missed home, I missed English, and I was just exhausted all the time. But Elder Boscan got sick for a couple days, which gave me unexpected free time to pray and study my scriptures. And I received undeniable testimony that our Heavenly Father can help us be happy even as we struggle! I have been able to go to bed smiling for a week because I now LOVE MY MISSION!!!! This is the greatest work on Earth! I love it! And especially, I LOVE the Book of Mormon! It's just absolutely the greatest book I have ever read! Reading it each morning and night feels like coming home. The words I read... I know they're true. I know it with all of my heart and soul. Please, if you do ANYTHING, gain a testimony of that book and NEVER let it die! It's the best thing that ever happened to me! I love it!

I love you all so much, and you're always in my prayers. You're the best friends and family anybody could ever ask for! Never give up! We're never alone!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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