Monday, September 14, 2015

French Is Getting Better & Heath Cake Nightmares (also more pics!)

Hello friends and family!

Okay. First of all. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. I love these people, I love this gospel, I love this mission, I love the town, I love the beauty all around here in Canada... I JUST LOVE IT HERE!!!! The French is coming along; I can't quite hold a full conversation yet, but I'm beginning to understand a lot more of what people are saying, and I can explain things pretty well in French. My vocabulary expands each day. :)

Something pretty funny happened last night. Apparently, I woke Elder Boscan up because I was yelling in my sleep about how someone was not allowed to do something. I think it had something to do with the dream I had about somebody stealing the Heath Cake that I made this week. I love Heath Cake, for the record. If any of you would like an explanation of what it is... check with anyone from my family. Trust me... we all know it very well. It's amazing. So yes... I dreamed about somebody stealing my cake. XD

I had a very incredible time this week as to the work itself. A few nights ago, we were able to teach the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to a 13 year old girl named Camila. I found myself explaining how Joseph Smith received a vision from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and how the Book of Mormon came to be, and what occurs in the Book of Mormon.... in French! And she understood! The lesson just went really well. But the greatest thing I have felt this week, through experience after experience, is the great and incredible love which our Heavenly Father has for each of us personally. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for us. I testify that Jesus Christ lives today, and that He and our Heavenly Father speak to us today through the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the words of modern day prophets, including our current prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. This gospel is absolutely and unalterably true. I know that with all my heart.

I love each and every one of you and wish you all the best! Never hesitate to shoot me an email if you would like to talk to me! You are all in my prayers. Never give up, and never forget Him!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber
I found a lacrosse stick and a tennis ball in the apartment, and I am constantly messing around with it. I've gotten pretty good at annoying Elder Boscan with it ;) But seriously. I think I'll be a pro when I get home. :P

View of the Canadian countryside!

This is right across from the Victoriaville chapel!

Another view of the Canadian countryside, on the way to Quebec!

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