Monday, October 3, 2016

The amazingness of starting General Conference with questions! Madagascar Moments. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true...& here's how you can know too!

Hello everybody!

So it`s been such a great week. Well, the week itself went pretty well, but the weekend was AMAZING! I loved General Conference. A few years ago I followed some advice I`ve heard from several people and began preparing questions to take to General Conference. I always seemed to get all my answers, and this year was no exception! It seemed to me like almost every talk was directed straight at my questions. I love the fact that we have a living prophet and apostles today; they are called of God! :)

There was a pretty funny moment this week during a meeting we had for trainers and their greenies. (For those of you who don`t know, a "greenie" is a new missionary) Elder Aulner and I were talking with some other new missionaries and their trainers and someone asked one of the new missionaries how he felt he was doing with French. He responded quickly, "What`s your favorite number?" The other missionary said, "34." To which this greenie responded, "Ok. Now multiply that by 0." Elder Aulner and I had a pretty good laugh at that one. :)

I also had another great moment this week. To understand, you have to know something about me: Madagascar 2 is one of my favorite movies, mostly because of King Julian, but also because of the penguins.

Ok. So, Elder Udave. Elder Udave is one of my zone leaders; he and I knew each other earlier in the mission, because we were in the same district. He`s an awesome missionary. I was at the office with Elder Aulner when Elder Udave walked up behind me and dropped his planner in front of me and said, "We wouldn`t want these blowing around on the savannah, would we?" We then proceeded to quote back and forth pretty much the entire movie. Life is good. :)

I think the main thing I want to share with all of you this week is just my testimony of the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is true. I know it. It was prepared by the power of God through His prophets to come forth now, in these modern days, in order to confound false doctrines and help us to find the straight and narrow path. I know that this sacred book of scripture is true by the exact same power as I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that His Father is our Father in Heaven. That power is the power of personal revelation. I have read the Book of Mormon, and I have prayed to know that it is true. And as we can feel the warmth as the sun rises behind the mountains at dawn, I can feel the warmth of the Spirit in my heart telling me that the book is true, each time I read it. I learn from it. I love it. And I would not be who I am today without it. I invite every single one of you, if you are not currently reading the Book of Mormon personally every day, to begin doing so, today. Study it like the Lord is speaking personally to you through those words, because I know He is, and He will.

This is the truth! I know it!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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