Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here comes winter!❄️ When an AWESOME investigator calls you to repentance. "Hungering" to talk to our Father in Heaven.

Hey everybody! :)

Well. It is now getting cold. The past few days I have had to put on my sweater over my shirt and tie in the evening. Elder Aulner is excited. I am... less excited. :P Nah, it`ll be pretty fun. :)

It`s been a pretty good week. We found out on Saturday that both Elder Aulner and I will be staying in Hochelaga for another transfer, which means I will be finishing his training. My son will be all grown up and saving China by the end of this transfer! *wiping away proud tear* Also, our zone just split, and we are receiving two new zone leaders at the same time, both of whom are from my own transfer! Elder Roubicek (who pretty much taught me what it means to talk to everyone) and Elder Sykes (who is the epitome of optimistic hard work). I am SUPER excited to work with them both; they`re so awesome!

I promise I have funny experiences during the week. It`s just that I never remember them when they happen. I think one of the funnier moments was during Gospel Principles (one of the classes during the second hour of church where we usually take our investigators). I was sitting next to one of our investigators, Valentin. He and I get along well. Before the lesson, the ward mission leader asked if Elder Aulner and I would give the lesson next week in Gospel Principles. We said yes, and then realized that this means we would be giving both the lessons in the second hour class and the third hour class. I whispered to Elder Aulner, "Should we ask him if we can teach the week after and the sisters can teach next week?" I said this in French, and Valentin overheard. He whispered to me, "Why?" So I explained that we would need to prepare two lessons as well as all of our other lessons throughout the week and he said, "So, what`s the problem?" To which I said, "Well, I guess I`m just lazy." So he looked at me with a dead straight face and said, "Elder McOmber, that is a sin." To which I responded equally seriously, "You`re right. I need to repent." I then turned to the ward mission leader and said we would teach the next three weeks in Gospel Principles. Valentin, Elder Aulner and I then promptly burst out laughing. (Luckily the lesson hadn`t started yet. :)) The ward mission leader was a bit confused, but eventually we figured it out and we will now be teaching two lessons next Sunday, because my own investigator called me to repentance. :P

I wanted to share something about prayer this week. I had a great exchange with Elder Udave this past weekend in which we talked a lot about prayer, and how to make our prayers more meaningful. As missionaries, we pray a LOT. Like, honestly, if ya`ll are ever wondering what I`m doing, you can probably be sure that I`m praying. :) But as a result, sometimes it can be a little bit more difficult to make each prayer meaningful. It can become easy to forget that we are having a very personal and real conversation with our Father in Heaven, the greatest Being in the universe (puts things into more perspective, right?).

I love the story of Enos, a character in the Book of Mormon. His father was a prophet named Jacob (different from the Jacob in the Bible). One day Enos was out hunting, and as he was hunting, he was thinking about his father`s teachings about Christ and His gospel. He states at this point, as he was pondering on his father`s inspired words, "my soul hungered." I think that my biggest point to make today is this: if we truly want to have meaningful prayers, we have to hunger to talk to Him! Have you ever spoken to someone and you could tell that they really weren`t into the conversation, like they really didn`t want to be there? Compare that feeling to the feeling you get when you are in a conversation with someone who seems like they are just hanging on to every word you say. They ask meaningful questions and they listen intently. My invitation this week is to do just that: tell Him about your day, ask Him meaningful questions, and listen intently with your heart. I promise you that He will answer and you will know that He has!

I love you all! En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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