Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SNOW!!! I only eat if I have wives. The most important thing. Pictures of Fall.

Salut ma famille et mes amis!

Okay. The weather here is seriously freaking me out. I woke up this past Saturday morning at 6:15 with my companion to exercise. After he went in to the bathroom to take a shower, I noticed there was a weird whiteness outside the windows. So I rubbed off the condensation and... um... it was snowing. Yeah. There was a white carpet of snow EVERYWHERE. It freaked me out!!! I didn't really know how to react. I just stared out the window for about 2 minutes straight. What was this white powder? I'm from Gilbert... this whole snow thing does not compute! Then I started YELLING like a little kid, "IT'S SNOWING!!!" (Keep in mind we're in a building with four apartments... I'm pretty sure I woke up the people living above us... who already don't like us. But who cares? SNOW!!! :P) I ran to get my camera, and went outside and took a video like some crazy weatherman seeing a tornado. I'm from Arizona... it's not my fault, okay? :P

I have made some pretty interesting French errors this past little while. For example. On Sunday, I had a really big lunch because we were going to be driving up to Quebec for a zone conference that evening (that's where a bunch of missionaries in the area get together to be taught by the mission president. They're SUPER fun). But since we were going to be in Quebec, we were supposed to pack our dinners... and I'm WAY too lazy for that. So I threw some crackers in the car and Elder Boscan said, "Tu ne veut pas manger le souper?" (You don't want to eat dinner?) I responded with, "Si j'ai beaucoup de faim, je vais manger." (If I have a lot of hunger, I will eat.) Well. Apparently. I pronounced "faim" wrong, and instead, I said, "femmes." That means "wives." So. Apparently, my eating is determined by whether or not I have wives. Elder Boscan got a good laugh out of that one. :P

I want to talk a little bit today about the Savior's invitation to become as little children. We are teaching a 16 year old boy named Camilo Cortes here. The other day, his sister, Karen, walked up to us and asked us to teach her. SHE asked US. So we sat down and shared the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through His modern-day prophet, Joseph Smith. She was writing on a note pad while we taught, and we asked her what she was doing. "Oh, I'm just taking notes." I almost fainted. This girl is 12 years old. She has plenty of other things she could be distracted by. But she wanted to hear about the gospel.

I think we could all learn a lot from Karen. She understands something very important... the gospel of Jesus Christ is more important than ANYTHING else. It is EVERYTHING. If we find ourselves making excuses to avoid going to church, to avoid going to mutual or to other church activities; to not pay tithing; to avoid prayer and scripture study; how can we profess to follow the Savior? He has asked us to come unto Him with the humility of a little child. If a young girl of 12 years old can realize that... how much more need have we to realize that? I have decided, and I invite all of you to do so as well, to step back and look at my life. Do I prioritize other things over my duty as a disciple of Jesus Christ? Do I truly humble myself and choose to sacrifice other things I COULD be doing in order to serve Him and keep His commandments?

I love each and every one of you. I am thankful for your examples for me in my life and I am proud to know all of you. Never, ever, ever let yourself slip into the comfortable downward spiral of going through the motions in the Lord's service. This is His church, and He needs every hand He can get to help keep this stone cut out of the mountain rolling to fill the earth! Let's put our shoulders to the wheel... He needs us now more than ever! En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber
 The leaves are beginning to fall.... winter is coming!
The farm across from the church building!

The bridge across the river to get into Quebec City! It snowed just after this for about 30 minutes... in October!!!

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