Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Indian Summer, My 3-Yr-Old Admirer, Faith, & Beautiful Fall pics

Well hello all!

It is officially fall. The leaves on most of the trees have changed colors, and the Reservoir Baudet, the huge lake in the middle of town, is full of geese and other birds who rest there. Seriously, I think there's about 500 birds there every morning and night. They fly overhead all day long. It's pretty cool! I have also experienced a unique weather pattern this week. It is called "Indian Summer." For about four days every autumn, summer temperatures return and life is absolutely beautiful. That will last for probably the next two or three days... and then we're going to plunge into the dead of winter. I'm still pretty darn scared for that. It'll be an interesting winter, that's for sure.

So... there is a 3 year old Colombian girl named Brianna Lucero. Her mom is a member and we have a Family Home Evening with them every week. Well, apparently Brianna has taken a liking to the new missionary, Elder Concombre. I was sitting on the couch during the lesson, when all of a sudden Brianna ran over, jumped up next to me, and put her forehead against my forehead and said, "Comment ca va???" (How are you?) Apparently this question was very deep and pressing. I had to contemplate my answer while I attempted to put a little more distance between her and I. Her family thought it was hilarious. I definitely felt a little awkward. But she's the best. Their family is just awesome.

Okay. I want to talk a little bit about faith this week. Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve gave a talk in the last General Conference about the thought that faith is a choice, not by chance. Look it up and reread it... it's a very good talk. But I want to say something very short, yet very important... faith is no respecter of persons. Faith is a decision. When Joshua took the people of Israel through the river, it took several steps into the deepening waters before the Lord split the river for them. The same goes for faith. Some times, we have to simply decide to push away the doubts and act in faith, act in hope, praying that our trust has been placed well. And you know what? I PROMISE that it is. Because I've seen it. Our Heavenly Father? He's REAL. And our individual problems are incredibly important to Him because they're important to us. So to all who are out there, wondering if they have the "faith" to do something? Just do it. The faith will come. Act, and faith will follow.

I love and miss you all. You're the best people ever. Never let doubts push away your trust in the Lord. We know so very little, and He knows all.

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

Reservoir Baudet full of Canadian geese and other birds at sunrise. We biked around the lake for our exercise.
 Reservoir Baudet

 Reservoir Baudet

 Victoriaville at night

 The birds flying south overhead.

 Reservoir Baudet

 The river right behind the Lalonde's home.

 Same as above ^^

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