Monday, August 24, 2015

French...Spanish...It's all Greek to me!

Hello all!

Well. I am currently serving in the town of Victoriaville, about 2 hours east of Montreal. It is quite hot and humid here during the day, and I am having a BLAST! I'm from Arizona... bring on the heat! However... I'm very scared for the cold. Below 0? What is this temperature you speak of? We'll see how I deal with winter in a couple months :P Oh! And I have tried the poutine! IT IS AMAZING. The mission president's wife says we are only allowed to eat it once a month or else we'll get fat. And I can see why. I got some poutine with bacon in it as well... it was SO GOOD. Seriously... I'm lucky we're not allowed to eat it more often or I would have gained weight by now. I don't think my companion likes me very much because I'm terrified of getting fat so we run a lot in the mornings... we'll see how that goes :P

In learning a new language, there are many opportunities to look extremely foolish. I have learned this firsthand. Elder Boscan (my companion) and I were discussing (or thought we were discussing) French in the car. And I was talking about what greetings I should use; but he was talking about the fact that people in Victo don't refer to it as Victoriaville; they refer to it as Victo.
We were calling the members and investigators to introduce me as the new missionary. And, I thought that the greeting I was supposed to use, based on the earlier conversation, was "Victo." So the very next call we had, he introduced me and I yelled, "Bonjour! Victo!"
My companion just gave me a weird look and made the next call. So... I did it again. And again. I only realized that wasn't the greeting when I was talking to him later that day and he said, "Why are you saying that?"
"Saying what?"
"Isn't that how we greet people?"
He would not stop laughing at me for the next day and a half.
We also got a call from some sister missionaries the other day. I answered the phone since my companion was in the bathroom. They said something on the other end of the line, and, since my companion speaks both Spanish and French, and Spanish is widely spoken in Quebec, and I had absolutely no idea what was being said on the other line... I responded with, "I'm sorry. I don't speak Spanish." Immediately I heard very loud laughter on the other end of the phone. Which did not stop for about 5 minutes.
Yup. So... they were speaking French.
This is gonna be interesting. 

Well. I've had one of the hardest weeks of my life this week. It's been extremely difficult to try to teach people in a language I don't understand about something many of them don't seem to want to hear about. BUT. We do have people who need to hear the message and who keep me going when it gets difficult. Most importantly, there have been several times this week where I have found myself in very sincere prayer asking for help from our Heavenly Father with this task of taking His gospel to those who need to hear it. And you know what? The harder I work, the happier I am, and the more I feel like I'm a successful missionary. It's going to take some time to get used to this way of life... but with the help of the Savior, I KNOW I can do this. It's that way with everything in life; the harder we work at something, as we ask God for help, the more we will progress and the happier we will be.

I love and miss all of you. This is a difficult thing to do, but I'm doing it because I love our Redeemer and other people need to know what He's done for all of us and how we can return to live with Him again. That's our message, and even though it's hard... I'm gonna share it. You are all in my prayers each morning and night. Thank you for your love and support... I really need it. Keep pushing forward, and never give up! We're never on our own!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

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