Monday, February 13, 2017

Crazy TONS of snow!❄️ From pork bites to doggy kibble. Distractions. Pics & VIDEOS!!

Hey everybody! :)

So, I shared a few videos with my mom. I have no idea if you would all be able to see those... but if not, trust me, they were hilarious. Just envision the most jaw-droppingly incredibly hilarious situation you could ever possibly imagine, and multiply it by six, and that`s how hilarious they were. To us, anyways. :)

En tout cas, it`s been a good week. And by good, I mean cold and covered in snow. We got seriously a foot of snow yesterday. It was crazy. Trying to walk to and from the grocery store this morning was insane. But we have had some fun. I sent a picture of what our balcony looked like when we woke up this morning... I almost cried. It was great. But we got baguettes and Kinder Eggs and that made me feel much better. Then in a few hours we will be returning to La Banquise for some poutine (I hold myself to like once every month and a half or so :P). Québec is just the best. :)

Transfers came on Saturday! All of the six elders in our district will be staying, but sadly we will be losing three of our four sisters. One of them (Sister Hoffman) is going back home to Gilbert (crazy, right?) and the other two (Sister Johnson and Sister Poulton), who were serving with us in Hochelaga, will be transferred elsewhere in the mission. We`re pretty sad to see them all go, we`ve had some great times. But we`re also psyched to meet the new missionaries coming in!

Funny moments: well, we attempted to make griot last Monday. I was so excited, and then so, so disappointed. We fried it up and opened up the pot we`d fried it in to find that our wonderful pork bites were now tiny bits of doggy kibble. It was just the worst. We tried soaking it in banana Pepper juice to hide the burnt flavor but it didn`t work. At least the story made all of the Haitian members in our ward laugh when we told them, and they helped us see what we`d done wrong and shared their own recipes for how to make it again. We will give it another try next week. :)

I think I`ve been reminded this week of how little I can do when I lose some focus. I`ve been a little more easily distracted this week, and our schedule has been thrown off a bunch, and so I struggled to really stay on track with those things I really wanted to do and found myself going to bed feeling rather unsuccessful several days this week. So I have set some goals to improve my focus and organization so that I can handle changes to plans and adjust accordingly. I am very thankful for the fact that we have a merciful Father in heaven who loves us so much that He will let us repent time and time again as we strive to let Him help us to change and be more like His Son.

Sometimes it just becomes so easy to lose focus, to let our priorities change for a moment to accomodate a temporary desire. Too often I let my greater desire to share the gospel be drowned out by my momentary desire to just sit back and keep to myself. Too often I let my greater desire to have effective studies be drowned out by my momentary desire to think about soccer. It`s just how life works; we are tempted by the current wants of our natural man to give up the long term desires of our spiritual man. But my invitation to us all is to remember, in those moments of decision where our agency is so important, the goals we have set and the plans we have made, and as we choose to keep our word, we display the Christlike attribute of virtue and the Holy Ghost changes our hearts little by little until we truly one day have no more desire to do evil, but to do good continually.

I love this gospel! I know it`s true!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

There was a park completely frozen over by some freezing rain, so I crunched my way through and drank some soda that a member had just given us. It was entertaining. (I also look to be a little bit heavier than I actually am in this photo. I don`t know why... but I promise I`m not that big) :P

Elder Colunga took a photo before I was ready. :P

Hasso was baptized by Elder Landetta yesterday. It was a great service. She asked me if I`d be in a photo with her and them. How could I say no? :P She`s seriously super awesome. :)

Tracting through the snow.... in a Canadian winter breeze.... knocking doors we go.... trying to not to freeze!


TRANSFER DAY.  (CLICK HERE to view the video)


P-DAY.  (CLICK HERE to view the video)

MISSIONARY PRANKS.  (CLICK HERE to view the video)

SINGIN' AT THE BUS STOP.  (CLICK HERE to view the video)

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