Monday, January 25, 2016

10 Reasons My Comp Is AWESOME! Priorities. PLEASE WRITE ME! More pics!

Wellllll hey there folks!

So. It's been another lovely week in Victoriaville. The snow is in fact gradually melting and I am having a rather incredible time serving here. Snow has become one of my worst enemies and I enjoy warmth so very much. I loooooooove you Aaaaaaarizonaaaa.

I have decided that Elder Gutierrez and I have a good companionship. Let me give you some reasons why.

1 - We tell extremely funny jokes. Nobody else laughs, but we do. Other people are just not quite up here on our level.
2 - We are both from Gilbert. Automatic win.
3 - We both love Nashville Tribute Band. Double automatic win.
4 - We can both make Tahitian chicken.
5 - We both eat Toaster Strudel. (A delicacy in Quebec ;))
6 - We can both quote a movie for a solid 20 minutes, realizing only then that the movie from which we were quoting was, in fact, The Princess Diaries. True manhood.
7 - We both use Old Spice.
8 - We both have awful vision.
9 - We both speak extremely weird French that only we can understand.
10 - We both love the gospel! :)

I have thought for a while about what I could share this week, and I suppose the greatest thing I could say is this: happiness is found through hard work and prioritizing.

Some of the saddest and most ripped apart families I've met on my mission are as such because the members of the family don't understand these two important principles. We bring food to families whose pitiful parents spend all their money on alcohol and strip clubs, leaving their children to be fed from the unwanted garbage of nearby grocery stores. It's depressing. And these people are not happy; they are depressed and unhealthy and filthy in dress and attitude.

The Lord has prescribed His recipe for a healthy and happy life. And we will ONLY find true and lasting happiness in charting our course with the proper priorities, and then giving everything we have to get ourselves there. There are many priorities to be made, but if I were to list the two most important to lead to happiness, they would be these:

1 - Live the gospel of Jesus Christ. His commandments and His teachings were given for the benefit and joy of all mankind, and there are NO exceptions to His way. True happiness is ONLY found in living the way He's shown us. He loves us immensely, and He wants so badly for us to be as happy as He is. Follow the Savior!
2 - Love your family with everything you have. I promise you, you will never, ever, EVER regret placing your family before yourself in your priorities. My greatest regret from before my mission is the time I spent doing trivial things when I could have been serving, talking to, or simply just being with my family. We address Him as our Heavenly FATHER and we are His CHILDREN; the family unit is central to His gospel. If we place that to the side, we are tearing the heart out of chances at a happy - and eternal - life.

I love you all. You help me be better and you set amazing examples for me. Keep going. You're in my prayers!

En avant!

Elder Bryan McOmber

P.S. I don't know if any of you knew this. But. I happen to really enjoy letters and emails. Like a lot. But don't worry, you don't have to write me. Except you should. Even if I don't know you, I love making new friends. :) So yes. Just a thought.

P.P.S. But seriously. I love letters. ;)
Before our morning run.

After our morning run. :)
This is me basically every night. Welcome to the mission. XD

Selfie time! Not sure why Elder Gutierrez made this face. Somehow it just fits. ;)

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